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Pixelmator – finally Photoshop lite?

May 31st, 2007

We noticed a new kid on the block that frankly, has us a bit excited. Pixelmator, by the guys behind Jumsoft might just be the Photoshop lite we’ve been looking for for years. Right now details are light, but it supports layers and sports the standard toolbox we’ve grown to require in Photoshop. Unlike other Photoshop lite contenders, Pixelmator has a very pleasing and out of the way UI. We’ll have to wait until July to see if it delievers, but until then, enjoy the screenshots on the Pixelmator website.

cheers, will

# posted at 9:57 pm by Will

New Netflix 'Watch Now' prototype

May 3rd, 2007

As a Netflix subscriber I was very excited to hear they are working on a download service to stay relevant in the world of digital downloads. Netflix recently showed off the fruits of their labor and revealed they are using the new Microsoft Siverlight technology and it looks amazing. I’m looking forward to this shipping. 🙂

cheers, will

# posted at 2:46 am by Will