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Bookit tomorrow

February 18th, 2007

We are *finally* releasing the latest update to Bookit tomorrow. Bookit has been in beta forever and it’s about time for a release!

cheers, will


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Why is Apple being so cheap with Quicktime?

February 3rd, 2007

This week my wife, who is an elementary teacher, was working on an iMovie for her class and contacted me in a tizzy. Was iMovie too complicated? Could she not figure out how to connect a camera and import? Could she not figure out the fancy transitions and effects? Nope. I’m happy to report she had already completed the movie and exported it as Quicktime movie. She even had transfered it to a laptop to connect to the projector to show the class. Things were going swimmingly, so what’s the problem? The problem, she couldn’t figure out how to play the movie full screen. Yup, that’s it.

You see, some accountant/marketeer/undesirable decided to gimp Quicktime and not allow it to play full screen without buying a lame $20 license to Quicktime Pro. Did my wife know that? No. Is she authorized to purchase computer software for her school? No. Could she have gotten a license the day before the presentation? No. Would it have been a pain in the butt to get a license for her computer? Most definitely yes. But aren’t Macs supposed to be the best computer for education?

In the world of iMovies and downloadable content Apple is still insisting to cripple Quicktime just to make a couple bucks. Luckily there are numerous third party applications that will play a Quicktime movie full screen for free. I pointed her to one and the crisis was averted. But the lesson of this experience shouldn’t be lost. Although advanced users can easily download work-arounds; normal users simply curse Apple. I hope Apple sees their holistic approach to the ‘whole widget’ is breaking down in this scenario and address it in a future release of Quicktime….and stop being so cheap already.

cheers, will
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