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Bookit in Macworld

July 22nd, 2006

The latest edition of Macworld magazine lists Bookit in the “Revisiting Software Gems” article. Bookit was previously reviewed with 4.5 mice and apparently they liked it enough to list it again! 🙂

However, rest assured, aren’t resting on our 4.5 mice. We’re putting the finishing touches on a Universal Binary of Bookit which will make our Intel using users (myself included) happy. We’ve done a bit more work on it than the usual point release and fixed some bugs that have been around forever (yah!), thus the delayed release. We hope to have it out sooner rather than later.

cheers, will

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Friendly Bose Reminder, the redux

July 12th, 2006

Apparently, to my *shock,* other people don’t think Bose is the end all when it comes to high end audio equipment. Color me surprised. 🙂 Maybe I should get rid of my Quads and repent before it’s too late.

Also, in the Digg comments a user posed a link to the review I wanted to show the Bose believers out there in my first post which I couldn’t find. $1300 dollars for the Bose Acoustimass system that has +- 10.5 dB frequency response is so unbelievably bad, it makes me want to cry. The system is also completely missing 80 hz in it’s 20 to 20 khz frequency response. Does it get any better? 🙂 I don’t want to be hating on Bose future customers, but if you’re going to spend the money, please do some research and get something much better for the money.

cheers, will

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Macuser UK and Panic

July 10th, 2006

Hey all, Panic (aka my day job) was lucky enough to make it into an article in the current Macuser UK about small successful Mac developers. Cabel and Steve were interviewed and I suggest you check it out if you’re lucky enough to get the magazine. There are some nice shots of the Panic office and a great shot of Wade, Ian and Myself “hard at work.” By hard at work, I mean, posing for the camera. 🙂

cheers, will

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Damien Rice & Fiona Apple Show

July 3rd, 2006

This weekend Wade, Ian and Myself and our SOs hit up the Damien Rice/Fiona Apple show down in Bend, OR. None of us had been to this outdoor venue and we were pleasantly surprised with how nice it was. It was pretty small and in a very nice area of town. We all wanted to see Damien Rice and Fiona Apple was just a bonus. 🙂 He played a good set with probably 30% of the songs not on his record which was cool.

The major highlight of the show was about 3/4 the way through the Fiona Apple set I happen to notice Damien Rice walking through the crowd and stopping about 30 feet away from us. Only a hand full of people realized what was going on so he wasn’t being overwhelmed with fans. So with much school-girl chatter and some push from the girls, we went to ask him for a picture. He was more than happy to accommodate our request and was very appreciative of our complements of a great show. That was very cool. 🙂

If you like either of these two artists, I would suggest hitting up this two-for-one special.

cheers, will
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