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Friendy Bose reminder

July 13th, 2005

Just felt like doing my civic duty and provide a friendly service reminder for those who don’t know better; Bose audio equipment is terrible. Generally, people who buy Bose fall into one of three camps:

1) don’t do proper research (auditioning multiple systems for example).
2) have fell for the marketing machine that is Bose – we use crazy tech to make our speakers sound good…really, we do!
3) have money to blow and don’t mind buying inferior equipment for the sake of being ‘small.’

Take for example the Bose SoundDock for the iPod. If you go to audition this lovely piece of equipment you’ll notice the Bose marketeers have an iPod connected to it with *only* Bose created ‘softball’ music on them. What is ‘softball’ music you ask? Well, it’s music that any speaker can ‘hit out of the park’ because it has no complex layering, no deep bass, no hi/low strings, minimal amounts of horns, only midrange sounds, etc. Rule #1 of auditioning speakers is play your own music on the speakers you’re thinking about buying. The Bose people know that their stuff isn’t worth anywhere close to the $300 bucks they want for it and sounds very average (that might be putting it nicely) with *real* music, so they simply don’t let you easily listen to your music before buying.

Some poor soul says, ‘hey, it’s Bose, I know that brand and they are supposed to be good’ takes a quick listen to the planted Bose songs and drops $300 bones walking out the door not knowing the difference. However, if they could play *their* music on it they would find the SoundDock falls down getting muddy, constrained, having very poor separation & spatiality and is very unmusical. Try picturing an actual cymbal when listening to the treble the SoundDock produces, it doesn’t really sound like a real instrument.

Instead, if the poor soul would do some research they would find you can get a self-powered monitor speaker set for example, designed to be small and very accurate (unlike Bose), for their iPod instead of getting a mediocre system like the SoundDock. One could use the iPod Dock and connect it to something like the Wharfedale Diamond powered studio monitors and for around $250 bucks and have a pair of speakers that are in a different league than Bose. And if you missed it, they are less than the SoundDock!

Anyway, I could go on and on, but you get the gist. Do your research and for the love, listen, listen, listen before you buy. 🙂

cheers, will


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