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iPhoto and sorting by reverse date

December 3rd, 2004

Hi all,

I’ve been using iPhoto more and more recently and if there is one thing that sticks in my craw it’s the fact that it sorts photos by date, not reverse date. What that means is the last photo you took is at the top which makes sense on first glance, but not if you dig into it a bit more. Usually I (we all?) organize my photos by event, so I want to see the first picture I took at the event, not the last, first. Follow that? The long and short of it is, in iPhoto you can’t view your pictures in chronological order in a slide show, on a web page, or in an exported movie. Since iPhoto has sort by date it would be minor to add reverse date sorting but I think this is just an oversight by the iPhoto team. Here’s to hope’n someone important sees this and makes it happen. 🙂

Update: Turns out there is a preference that sorts photos from newest to oldest instead of the reverse.

cheers, will

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