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US programmers going the way of the dinosaur?

October 17th, 2004

Saw this article on Slashdot and it is an interesting read so I thought I’d point it out here. Basically talks about outsourcing and immigrant workers. Both of which are fairly common at MS and has been the topic of conversation more than once. If you’re in the tech industry you can’t help but think about these issues and if you’ll too simply become a statistic in the future.

cheers, will

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Bookit 3.5 beta 3

October 10th, 2004

Hi all,

Just wanted to let the users of Bookit that beta 3 should be coming out soon which addresses a fair amount of issues and enhances Opera and iCab support. That said, we still had some issues that needed to be resolved. For that, here’s a quick look into our Bookit support inbox.

First, some background information. Bookit supports older versions of Camino and Firefox when they weren’t called Camino and Firefox, remember Chimera and Phoenix by chance? Well when those browsers names changed the developers didn’t think about removing the old preference files or folders, they simply created new ones. The problem is Bookit still sees those files as valid bookmark files and shows them as sync’able. This causes people to sync the wrong version of Camino or Firefox bookmarks, not realizing it, and then wondering why Bookit didn’t work. Yup, you can see it can quickly get messy trying to explain what’s going on. Therefore we’ve decided for Wade’s sanity that we’re removing pre-Firefox and pre-Camino support for those browsers in 3.5. Doing that should cut down on support email and general code support in Bookit which is always ‘a good thing.’ And that has been a quick look into our support inbox. 🙂

cheers, will

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