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March 9th, 2004

No doubt one of the best bands in recent memory has got to be Radiohead. No matter what your opinion is, they are certainly one of the most interesting bands out there. They’re my favorite band, and have been since 2001. Just in case you were curious, my previous favorites have been P.J. Harvey and Nine Inch Nails. (Check out the albums “Still” by nin and “Is This Desire” by pj.)

I recently ran across an article at bandbaja that introduces Radiohead to Pakistani listeners. It’s a very good read and describes the band to new listeners.

While I was working on Panic’s new usenet reader Unison, I discovered a great place for Radiohead bootlegs… usenet. Just download Unison and point it to radiohead binaries. It’s a great place to find live performances, and the occasional live dvd.

My top three albums are

1) Kid-A

2) OK Computer

3) Amnesiac.

If you’ve never heard Radiohead, and like good music, I’d highly recommend heading down to your local record shop and picking up an album or two. You’ll be glad you did.


current tv: futurama season 2 dvd

PS: If you’re a graphic artist and want fame and glory (with little to no pay) and would be interested in making an application icon for a “fantastic” new iTunes accessory, please let us know. Of course, by making the icon you’ll be the first kid on your block to see our brand new app.

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