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Top 5 Freeware/Shareware

February 16th, 2004

Being as I’m remarkably bored, I was looking through our web stats and noticed we were getting a fair amount of hits from the macnn forums. A quick search showed a couple people listed Bookit as one of their favorite pieces of shareware, which is cool. That got me think’n, what freeware/shareware apps do I use a lot that you, our readers, might find useful. So without further ado, here’s my list:

LaunchBar – the absolute end-all when it comes to launchers. What puts it above other launchers is that it’s self-configuring. What do I mean, at login it scans selected folders and presto, it’s configured. Another bonus is it doesn’t take up space on-screen when it’s not in use, but is easily accessible by a hot key command. It is a true gem Mac users were lucky to gain when Apple bought NeXT.

OmniOutliner – a great outliner with the classic Omnigroup style, not much else I can say about it.

Transmit – simply the best ftp client for Mac OS X. All the features you’d expect plus the ability to use rendezvous to transfer files between machines is just icing on the cake.

Books – a no nonsense library manager. It might not be the prettiest library app out there, but the price is right and the feature set is top notch.

BBEdit Lite – I don’t need the full-blown text editor, but when I need to do some quick manual html editing or other plain text editing, BBEdit lite fills the bill.

Of course I use other shareware, but these are on my “recommended list” which some people may not know of. I also use most of our apps on a regular basis, but a top 5 list of them would be boring. 🙂 Well, I hope you enjoyed my shareware list and maybe even found a gem or two.

cheers, will
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Weblog 2.0?

February 15th, 2004

I’ve made some updates to our blog to allow easier access to our cRaZy rants after finding two people in the entire world actually linked to my disposable society entry…I was touched. First, that someone reads our blog that I don’t know, and second, they liked it(?). That said, I’ve turned on access to our blog archive, turned on titling, and I’ve also added an atom xml feed (thanks to Corey for pointing this out). For those two people reading this searching for the atom link, it’s in the navigation bar to the right. I’m hoping all this work will motivate us to post more often, but I wouldn’t hold your collective breath. 🙂

cheers, will
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