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January 8th, 2004

kOffice for Mac OS X
This little project has really gotten my attention recently. What is it you ask (without looking at the screenshots listed)? It’s basically the development framework called QT ported and running on Mac OS X. Coincidentally that what a lot of KDE/Linux apps are written in. For example, kOffice, a free and Open Source suite of applications in line with Microsoft Office are now running natively on OS X. That’s great news for the Linux and Mac OS X communities a like, now the communities can pool their resources and get even more done which benefit more people.

That said, there is still work to be done. QT/Mac is still beta and a lot of the UI elements need work and general clean up. In my dream world I would be working on cleaning up QT (being an interface bigot and all) full-time as my day job, but alias, their are two problems with that: one, my day job prohibits me from working on any Open Source software, and two, no one would pay me to work on QT/Mac. =)

new album of the month: heather duby – come across the river

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