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Apple’s Web Browser Safari and ES Things

January 9th, 2003

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and let you, our faithful users/readers, know what I think of Apple’s new web browser, Safari. My initial impressions are that it’s good, but has a little way to go before it is excellent, which is to be expected since it’s beta. I’ve found several rendering problems, some of which Dave Hyatt has already said are fixed. Having high profile bugs, like incorrect Version Tracker rendering, fixed already is quite impressive and shows Apple is actually listening to users for a change. 🙂 I’m just happy it pretty-much renders our site correctly, except that it appears it doesn’t support the margin-left: CSS tag, but only around half of the Mac browsers do.

Here are some other problems I think need to be addressed (in order of importance):
– Needs to support Keychain and auto form completion. I’m addicted to that feature in Chimera and I want it in Safari.
– Needs more preferences, like how to load links requested by other apps. Right now it creates a new window, which I’d like to change. Here’s to hoping they add an advanced preference section.
– It would be nice if it had a “real” Cocoa toolbar, I would imagine it would be coming…but I’m not sure why it’s not already there.
– What’s up with the Metal UI? This is a misuse of metal if I’ve ever seen it. It’s a multi-document application that doesn’t interact with a hardware device. Seems to me it has no reason to be metal. Safari could look so much better if they would have someone design killer colorful icons for the toolbar and ditch the mono-chrome button look they are using now. However, I must say I do like the the iChat-esk rollover Bookmark bar buttons though. 🙂
– Continue to make it faster, I need more power Scotty!

Enough negatives, there are things I like about Safari such as the History menu, it rocks, why couldn’t browsers have done a menu like this sooner? The SnapBack feature is cool and so is the bookmark handling. Another thing I really like is the way it drags URLs from the body of the web page, it’s all style, but style is what makes the Mac better than a Windows box. The download window is sweet, it’s small, clean, and gives you all the options you’d need unlike Chimera’s beast of a download manager. The bug reporter is a great idea and with useful features such as the ability to send screenshots of malformed pages is great. Adding 300,000+ beta testers should help Apple iron out the rendering bugs in record time. Lastly, I like the fact they are using an Open Source browser as Safari’s core. I really could care less which base they picked (Gecko or KHTML) but it seems like KHTML was the right choice from what I’ve read. All-in-all Apple is sure to have a winner on their hands by time Safari goes 1.0.

In ES news, Wade is at Macworld working at the Panic booth, so swing by and say hi if you’re in San Fran. 🙂 We are sitting on updates for virtually all our products (and a new one!) which we think you’ll like. We are planning on adding Safari support to Bookit asap, so never fear. We’ll start rolling out the goods after Macworld, but could be slowed with my move to Seattle. I’ve accepted a job in the MacBU, I’ll be working to make Microsoft’s products even better on the Mac, wish me luck. 🙂

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