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November 5th, 2002

Disposable Society
It?s been a while since I?ve blogged, but I?ve been busy doing this and that. I’m sure everyone knows how that goes. The good news is I?ve been working on updates for Maquarium, Show Desktop and a yet-to-be-named new application, which all should be out shortly.

The real reason for this blog is something is bothering me and I have to let someone know about it. What is this mystery annoyance you ask? It?s the plethora of disposable products that have been announced within the last year or so. To refresh your memory, some of these products are: numerous disposable mops (what happened to simply washing the one you have?), plastic containers they suggest you throw away after using, dust glooves, various cleaning wipes, and my personal favorite; the disposable cutting board. Nothing like preying on the public?s fear of getting salmonella or something, do these companies have any shame?

Pretty soon you?ll see ads telling people to buy their product, not even open it, and just throw it directly in the landfill. Consumers need to wake up and realize all this waste is going somewhere and to stop buying what the big companies are selling just because it?s convenient. Instead buy something that is reusable, sure it might be a little more work but look at the alternative, wasting money buying needlessly disposable items which only pollute the environment? These companies simply want to pad the bottom line and what better way to do that than to make something disposable? They have to be laughing all the way to the bank. Not thinking twice about the damage they are doing to the environment (when have you seen a company that actually cares about anything but making a buck?). Next time you?re tempted to buy something that?s disposable think twice about buying it, you?ll be glad you did.

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