One Key Version History

1.2.3 (2/5/14)

- Code Signed for Gatekeeper support.
- New Icon.

1.2.2 (1/17/12)

- Fixes All Items Window not appearing after login/restart under Mac OS 10.7.

1.2.1 (8/31/09)

- Now 64-bit native for Snow Leopard.
- Improved update mechanism for future updates.
- Only supports Mac OS 10.5 and higher. For Mac OS 10.3.9 and higher click here.

1.2 (6/17/08)

- Now supports up to F19 for Aluminum keyboard users.
- Has a spiffy new icon.
- Clear button is now disabled on launch.
- No longer disables System Preferences when selected on Leopard.
- Fixed other minor issues.

1.1.3 (2/15/06)

- Improved reliability across restarts and logins.
- Enabled checkbox is now always reflects reality.

1.1.2 (1/30/06)

- Now Universal Binary for native Intel support.
- Fixed various minor problems and modernized back end code.
- Now requires Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher.

1.1.1 (2/8/04)

- Fixed a bug on some systems where One Key would not work after logout.
- Other minor internal changes to make it more robust on detecting erroneous settings.

1.1 (1/12/04)

- Added an All Items window to quickly see what item is assigned to what key, or simply use it as a launcher.
- Added automatic online update checking.
- Fixed a bug under Panther where the UI would load after being shown.
- Fixed a bug where the clear button would incorrectly get focus.

1.0.1 (5/19/03)

- Added string truncation when necessary
- Fixed clear button enabling/disabling at correct times
- Fixed full keyboard access when unregistered
- Localized for Norwegian, German and French
- Other Minor Changes

1.0 (2/11/03)

- First public release of One Key.